Synth DIY material

object prj pcb test
from musicfromouterspace
Octave Switching kicad6 new ok
Noise Cornucopia Revision 1 kicad6 from the original
Super Simple Dual Sine-Tri-Square LFO kicad6 from the original ok
Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter (Four Pole 24db/Octave) kicad6 from the original
from schmitzbits
Discrete ADSR (Third ADSR Schematic) kicad6 new
from eddybergman
Synthesizer Build part-18: A REALLY GOOD AS3340 VCO DESIGN!! kicad6 new
Synthesizer Build part-47: DUAL LFO for EURORACK kicad6 new
from birthofasynth
The VCF-1 Project kicad6 new
from github
elkayem / midi2cv kicad5 new ok
from 320volt
Operational Amplifier Tester Circuit 1 kicad6 from the original
Operational Amplifier Tester Circuit 2 kicad6 from the original

ok means done and apparently working...

the files are pcb projects created with kicad5 or kikad6, they also contain the already generated gerber files. New are those created from schema, the others are based on those present in the reference site.