Synth DIY material

not all files have been tested yet and may contain some errors, be patient! if you want, report it  here 

object prj pcb test
from musicfromouterspace
Octave Switching kicad6 new
Noise Cornucopia Revision 1 kicad6 **
Super Simple Dual Sine-Tri-Square LFO kicad6 **
Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter (Four Pole 24db/Octave) kicad6 **
NEW Micro Sample n' Hold June 2011 kicad6 **
The SONIC MULTIPLIER (Ring Modulator/Analog Multipler) kicad6 **
Dual Log/Linear VCA (info fix problem) kicad6 **
ADSR Envelope Generator kicad6 **
Dual Attack Release Envelope Generator (varie here) kicad6 ** test ok
MFOS CV and Gate Expander kicad6 **
MFOS ECHOFXXX Voltage Controlled Echo Analog Synth Module kicad6 **
Single Buss 1V/Octave Keyboard kicad6 **
Voltage Controlled LFO kicad6 **
Voltage Controlled Oscillator (Excellent 1V/Octave Tracking) kicad6 **
MFOS Quad DC Modulation Mixer kicad6 **
MFOS Mini 3 In Mixer and 1W Amplifier kicad6 **
16 Step Sequencer kicad6 brd1 kicad6 brd2 kicad6 drvled **
16 Step Sequencer Quantized Vari-Clock Module kicad6 **
from schmitzbits
Discrete ADSR (Third ADSR Schematic) kicad6 new
from Digisound Project 80
80-6 Voltage Controlled Filter kicad6 mod
from yusynth
Improved Steiner VCF kicad6 **
from eddybergman
Synthesizer Build part-18: A REALLY GOOD AS3340 VCO DESIGN!! kicad6 new
Synthesizer Build part-47: DUAL LFO for EURORACK kicad6 new
from birthofasynth
The VCF-1 Project kicad6 new
from github
elkayem / midi2cv kicad5 new
from 320volt
Operational Amplifier Tester Circuit 1 kicad6 **
Operational Amplifier Tester Circuit 2 kicad6 **

the files are pcb projects created with kicad5 or kikad6, they also contain the already generated gerber files.